Prepare congressional challengers with no prior political experience to establish and manage a successful political campaign. Our system of representation was designed to bring a diversity of interests, priorities and expertise into the legislative chambers, particularly into the US House of Representatives. However, very few people have the knowledge and networks required to run a successful political campaign. By providing basic training for candidates (Congressional Boot Camp), we seek to reduce knowledge-based barriers to entry for candidates who's experience and expertise lies outside of politics.  NCCA also coordinates with Fire Your Congressman PAC to reduce financial barriers to entry.


Educate congressional candidates and current members in policy areas that may lie outside of their own personal expertise. US laws and policies are developed in the context of a complex and interconnected global system.  Very few individuals are well prepared to engage in informed debate on the entire range of political topics that appear before Congress, yet every representative's vote counts equally, regardless of their individual preparation and understanding. Representatives with expertise in US criminal law, oil drilling or beef production may be called upon to direct US policy that will impact international trade, environmental quality and homeland security. When faced with legislation that they do not understand, representatives often rely upon lobbyists and senior members of their own party to provide interpretations. We aim to provide Congress members with timely, non-partisan educational modules (Congress U) in a wide variety of subjects, to reduce their reliance on potentially biased information from sources with vested interests in a particular interpretation or outcome.


In a coordinated effort with Fire Your Congressman PAC, the NCCA will facilitate political market research, advertising and data preparation in support of congressional challenger campaigns. The NCCA supports the educational components of the FYC mission, and is chartered to help identify, vet and train congressional challengers on a national scale. NCCA funds will support:

* Candidate Identification

* Candidate vetting

* Exam centers and screening events

* Candidate orientation

* Congressional Boot Camp

* Congress U

* Advertising and public service messages