Congressional Boot Camp

Challengers benefit greatly from a quick primer on how to start, manage and run a successful campaign. The NCCU has the talent and vision to help you form and drive your campaign into every corner of your district, delivering a message that resonates and gets your voters excited.

Partial Syllabus

Political Landscape

Identifying and understanding the  geographic, demographic, socio-economic and cultural attributes that make your district

Campaign Structure

Staffing, objectives, resource allocation, outside groups

Strategic Planning

Strategy of issue identification, incumbent performance, name recognition and methods of effective implementation

Field Organization

Sources and methods of engaging inside and outside groups to deliver your message

Timelines and Benchmarks

Evaluation of event timing constraints that influence internal and external perceptions and understanding

Message and Tactics

Crafting, adapting, managing and delivering the messages that define your candidacy

Campaign Finance

Understanding the business side of your campaign, and how to manage the transactions while keeping your message on task

Campaign Fundraising

Individual and group messaging, coordination and activities


Federal Election Commission, State and local rules, forms and considerations


Branding and timing of message

Online Organizing and Engagement

Social media and blog methods and strategies