The National Coalition for Congressional Accountability

Congressional Challenger Training and Support

Serving The Country

The nation needs our best and brightest to raise the level of civic duty in our US House of Representatives and Senate. Starting and managing a campaign is not natural or comfortable for many, so the NCCA is chartered with identifying, vetting, and training political newcomers to provide the best chance of a successful campaign.

Congressional Boot Camp

We need more viewpoints and experiences represented in Congress, but a lot of people who would make excellent representatives just don't know how to get started. Congressional Boot Camp provides basic training for candidates, helping them navigate the filing system, campaign management, strategy, data use, and more. To be a great representative, you first have to be a great candidate.

Congress U

The need for training doesn't stop at the end of the campaign trail. If we want to open congress to representatives who are not career politicians, and at the same time have lawmakers who understand the issues and can make sound policy, we need to help our representatives keep up with critical and timely information. NCCA will provide ongoing, non-partisan, educational materials and workshops for seated representatives, so that they don't have to trust lobbyists to read and understand legislation for them.